(A Psalm 143 Paraphrase)


O Lord hear our prayer,

Listen as we request your mercy,

In your faithfulness and righteousness

Come to our aid.

Do not bring your servants

Into judgment,

None of us who are alive are

Righteous before you

A satanic host pursues us,

We are crushed to the ground;

Our spirits dwell in isolation

And darkness;

Our inner man grows faint,

Our hearts are often dismayed.

We remember days long gone;

We meditate on your works;

We are thrilled at the things

Your hands have done.

We spread our hands to you,

We thirst like a parched land.

Answer us quickly, O Lord;

Our spirits fail.

Do not look away from us,

We would not be able to

Stand the darkness.

Let each morning bring us word

Of your unfailing love

We have put our trust in you.

Always give us your direction;

We lift our soul to you.

Rescue us from adversity, O Lord,

We hide inside your care.

Teach us to do your will,

For you are our God.

May your good Spirit lead us to

A place of wide vistas.

For your name’s sake, O Lord,

Preserve our lives.

In your righteousness

Bring us out of trouble.

In your unfailing love,

Silence our adversaries;

Destroy that, Which would

Destroy us,

For we are your servants.

Jonas Borntreger