(The following reprints a comment I dropped off out there in blogspace somewhere this morning. It was my latest reaction to the ‘Emergent Church.’ JJB)

I have a brother who, throughout the years, has been fairly successful in the business world. His one secret for success: Find someone who is getting the results you want; memorize their methods; and imitate them carefully.


I think that this kind of mentality comes over into the church as well. I’m pretty certain that for many of us it doesn’t work though and the mindset leaves many of us frustrated.


Through my 66 years, I have ‘moved’ through ever so many movements. I have become tired and somewhat jaded. Now someone is, (among many other things) saying how to arrange furniture and how to use candles and incense in worship. (Don’t jump on this. I’m aware that this is not what makes anything ’emergent.’)


I believe in imitation: The part of the process of imitation that is often not understood is the unique work of the Holy Spirit in each and every instance of effective Kingdom Building. We somehow think we can do the physical things that we see others do and disregard the intense seeking and spiritual strategizing that led up to their actions.


Brothers and sisters: Don’t jump on the next band wagon that comes through town. Imitate the hunger and thirst for righteousness. There is no shortcut for hearing the voice of the Master: Nothing less will be successful in His Kingdom.