There was a time when my Dad and Albert C. Miller felt that they had a lot of reasons to be in the same car and going to the same places. Usually that car would have been Albert C’s car, which would more than likely have been a big old Hudson. Large V-8 engine, lots of chrome and a ride like a boat. Albert C’s car had only two speeds, fast and faster. While Dad liked being with his buddy, he did not always care for the way he drove.


One day they were once again flying down some country road. Dad gripping the seat with white knuckles, decided that enough was enough, and he probably was due to say something.


“Albert,” Dad said, “Just exactly what would you do if a cow walked out on the road on the other side of this hill?”


Albert C. never flinched. The gas pedal stayed where it had been. “Oh Jakie relax.” Albert replied, “At the rate we are going we’d get there long before the cow.”


Jonas J. Borntreger\ 12/2001