Is it just me or what is all this effort to start celebrating Halloween earlier, and with ever more elaborate displays, each year? And then there’s the situation two blocks down the street from us…

Our neighbors two blocks down from us set up a Halloween display that is macabre, far beyond the normal bonds of propriety. They used life sized mannequins, scattered all over their yard, illustrating all sorts of murderous ghoulishness. Among the displays, there are three people hanging by their necks and a trailer where someone appears to be surgically removing people’s heads and hanging them upside down in his cabin. At it’s best, their display is an assault against a sense of decency for the citizens of our town. At it’s worst, it is demonically inspired and downright dangerous to the pliable spirits of the children that are expected to view their craft for the next six weeks.

What is the proper way for concerned Christians to respond to something like this? If I was as ‘wise as a serpent’ and as ‘harmless as a dove,’ how would I act in this matter? Marlene and I are praying that God will give us grace and wisdom in our dealing with this.