The other day Marlene and I were driving through some of our old haunts. As we approached a certain spot of the road, she reminded me about what is probably the most bizarre experience I ever encountered.

When Marlene and I were courting we were in a fever and stretched ourselves far beyond propriety and what was physically good for us. I would often get off from work, drive thirty-five miles, pick her up and drive another twenty miles to some church activity. Afterward, I would retrace the miles and often had a harrowing drive, late in the evening, for the last leg home. On one such night I kept drifting onto the gravel shoulder, waking up and correcting my course for the next several miles and then do it again. Finally, I was on the shoulder, approaching a concrete bridge banister, and not waking up. At the last moment a voice in the back seat sharply called my name. It was so real that I pulled onto the shoulder and got out of the car to check for someone in the backseat. The highway has been rebuilt and the banister replaced with a culvert, but forty-five years later I still feel a strong sense of awe as I approach that spot on the road.

I’m convinced that repentance was appropriate; I should not have tested the grace of God by my actions. I am however grateful that he looked beyond my faults and provided for my needs. This experience also confirms to me that He had his intention for me and for my family in mind and determined beforehand to bring it to pass for His purposes.

It’s ‘show-and-tell time. Tell of a time when you witnessed the supernatural providence of a merciful God in your life.