A minister of the gospel, while on his way to a funeral, stopped by to visit a member of his church, an old widow woman. The old lady had made several sausages and she was quite proud of them – they were so nice, so round and so sweet. She insisted the preacher should take a piece home to his family. After several pleas, the minister gave permission, and the lady wrapped a portion of sausage in a cloth and placed it in the spacious pocket of his vestment. So supplied, the minister then made his way to the graveside service.

During the ceremony at the grave a hungry dog detected the sausage and promptly traced it to the minister’s pocket. This of course created a big disturbance as the minister had to repeatedly fend it off with some well placed kicks. After the service at the graveside, the preacher and the mourners moved to the church for the funeral sermon. With the sermon over, a brother affected by the service approached the stairs to the pulpit and sought attention by tugging at the minister’s vestment. The minister, still thinking of the dog and what was in his pocket, picked up his foot, made a powerful thrust and pushed the poor brother down the stairs. Afterward, looking down and realizing what his effort had accomplished, he apologized; “I must confess and can no longer hide what’s going on. I have a sausage in my pocket and, for the whole time that I’ve been here, a dog has been trying to snatch it away.”

One can only imagine the effect this had on the mourners; the sorrowing was displaced with laughter as everyone left the service.

(Translated from an old German Almanac by Jonas Borntreger. 5/2/2013)