November 2007


A Personal Position Paper on Funerals, Cremation and End-of-Life matters.

Several days ago someone in my family e-mailed me about attending a “Celebration Service” where the deceased had been cremated. He described it as a “refreshing” service; a “different experience;” and was relieved at not having to be involved where one experienced the morbidity of “looking at the empty shell of a body.” (more…)


(The following is excerpted from a study I did about the body, soul and spirit of man. JJB)



We have just seen how sin brought death; a death that went from spirit to soul to body. As the process of death is progressive, likewise there is also a ‘progress’ in the work of restoration from that death. (more…)


(A Psalm 143 Paraphrase)


O Lord hear our prayer,

Listen as we request your mercy,

In your faithfulness and righteousness

Come to our aid.

Do not bring your servants

Into judgment,

None of us who are alive are

Righteous before you

A satanic host pursues us,

We are crushed to the ground;

Our spirits dwell in isolation

And darkness;

Our inner man grows faint,

Our hearts are often dismayed.

We remember days long gone;

We meditate on your works;

We are thrilled at the things

Your hands have done.

We spread our hands to you,

We thirst like a parched land.

Answer us quickly, O Lord;

Our spirits fail.

Do not look away from us,

We would not be able to

Stand the darkness.

Let each morning bring us word

Of your unfailing love

We have put our trust in you.

Always give us your direction;

We lift our soul to you.

Rescue us from adversity, O Lord,

We hide inside your care.

Teach us to do your will,

For you are our God.

May your good Spirit lead us to

A place of wide vistas.

For your name’s sake, O Lord,

Preserve our lives.

In your righteousness

Bring us out of trouble.

In your unfailing love,

Silence our adversaries;

Destroy that, Which would

Destroy us,

For we are your servants.

Jonas Borntreger



He was there when I first came downstairs this morning.  It is now hours later and he is still there, not more than six inches from where I first seen him. For at least four hours now, he has been climbing several steps up the side of the tub, sliding down and doing it again. Presumably he would rather not be where he is.

Box Elder bugs can fly.

If the poor creature would turn 90 degrees, spread his wings and exercise his God given abilities, he could be free before this sentence is finished.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Proverbs 14:12 NIV

Last evening, at the edge of a town some distance from here, I drove past a small vacant house sitting next to a decrepit barn. It had once been Leslie’s house – and barn. Driving past that place made me weep and reminded me that I need to tell you the…



I have been reading Brian McLaren’s latest book, Everything Must Change, and participating in a blog thread at Scot McKnight’s That thread has now run its course and Scot posted his book review today. If you are aware of Emergent Church thinking; if you are interested in understanding where a significant part of the church is headed; then I highly recommend this book. I consider it definitive even as I find myself disagreeing with significant portions of the ideas presented. Following is the summation response (edited) that I posted on that blog this morning. JJB (more…)



Imagine being in a room. (more…)

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