TEXT: Matthew 5:27-37


We come now to the treatment that Jesus prescribed for breaking the seventh commandment. Here also, ‘looking lustfully’ is the seed of the carnal act. Impure thoughts and predispositions are sin and block the ability for God to hear our prayers. Jesus tells us to deal harshly with our appetites: which would you rather lose your right eye, or the whole body?


There is a strong tendency in the church to disregard the severity of these matters. There is the general feeling that no one can meet the standard anyway, and besides God’s grace covers me; so what! Paul told the Romans not to ‘go on sinning that grace might increase.’ (Rom.6:1) These are no small matters: things like pornography and sexual content in the media, suggestive and vulgar talking, along with revealing clothing and fashions should never be coddled to by the Christian.

Additional study scriptures: II Peter 2:14; Psalm 66:18; James 1:15




Closely related to sexual impurity is divorce. In our country, there is virtually no difference between the divorce rate in the world and that in the church. Permissive attitudes about broken relationships and ruptured families have caused a national scourge; by and large the church is ineffective at stopping it. It is high time to renew the church to the standard in God’s word, the standard of, ‘one man and one woman, until death.’ As with any sin; here also, it remains important that we keep remembering the wonderful grace of our Lord.


Additional study scriptures: Mark 10:4; Matthew 19:7




Someone has said; “Profanity is the effort of a feeble mind trying to express itself forcefully.” If that is true, there are an awful lot of feeble minded among us. Here also, the church tends to consider it ‘no biggie.’ Four thousand years after the third commandment was given, God still gets upset when He is referred to in a nonchalant, arrogant, or vulgar manner. Wouldn’t you?


As Christians, we need to contend for the integrity of our words: when we mean ‘yes’ then ‘yes’ is all we should have to say. Our lifestyle should demonstrate to the world that we are a people who ‘keep our word;’ our leader always keeps his.


Additional study scriptures: Psalm 24:4; Matthew 12:36&37; James 3:9-12




  1. Look at James 3:9-12. Can _________________ water and _______________ water come from the same spring? Can ________________ and ______________ come from the same mouth?
  2. From the teaching of Jesus; what is the only valid reason for getting a divorce? _______________ ___________________
  3. List some practical ways to help us avoid looking at another person in a ‘lustful’ manner.
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  4. Was tonight’s lesson especially difficult? ________ Why?__________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________