TEXT: Matthew 5:1-12




Only the meek are willing to be taught the teachings of Jesus; to everyone else, what he has to say to them is foolishness. Pride is the sin of Lucifer; only the humble partake from the blessed promises we have in front of us. The religious people living in the time of Christ were far from “poor in spirit;” they considered themselves rich and in need of nothing. ( Rev. 3:17) Only by coming to this class, hungering and thirsting for the things God has for you, will you get anything substantial from it.


Pride is the antithesis of everything in tonight’s text. Proud people cannot come before God with a child-like simplicity for His provision. People who are proud refuse to mourn for their sins and the sins of those around them. ‘What? Me extend mercy!” they say; “Let them tough it out like I had to.” “I always say, ‘live and let live,’ let them find their own peace the way we had to in our country. (..or city, or family.)” “Am I my brother’s keeper?”


It is also important to see that pride seeks to imitate all the above virtues. “I will take a vow of poverty so that those who are around me will know that I’m ‘poor in spirit.’” The Pharisees ‘disfigured their faces’ so they would get credit for mourning; Jesus said that public attention was the only benefit that they would receive. Remember, the hairdresser ‘that knows for sure;’ Only God knows those who are “pure in heart.”


Only as we master the previous graces will we be ready to ‘rejoice and be glad’ when we are evil spoken of, persecuted and insulted: only then will we have mastered the true test of humility.




For the questions to this lesson, provide definitions for each of the following virtues.

    • Poor in spirit_________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
    • Those who mourn_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • The meek____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • Hunger and thirst for righteousness_______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • The merciful_________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • The peacemakers_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • Persecuted because of righteousness______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________