October 2007

Jeremiah’s Christmas

Jer. 50:6


His cheeks are wet; a hot tear flows;

A grief quite real on an old seer’s face.

As crashing hordes dash to and fro.

“My people have forgotten their resting place.”


We celebrate the Lord of rest

With weary flesh, in this hectic race.

The prophet calls. Our brash world jests.

“My people have forgotten their resting place.”


The flashing lights; the blaring horns;

The shopping carts; hide our Lord’s sweet face.

We search for gold among life’s trash

“My people have forgotten their resting place.”


He came to bring a Sabbath rest.

He offers us a refreshing grace.

Unheeding all, we rush around.

“My people have forgotten their resting place.”


Come unto me you weary ones.

Who requires of you this frantic pace?

By quiet streams; in pastures green;

Find the Prince of Peace; find Your Resting place.




Jonas J. Borntreger

Christmas 2003

All rights reserved

Matthew 6:5-24






The first three words of the text are “When you pray.” Jesus didn’t say ‘if,’ he said ‘when.’ Living people breathe, Christian people pray. (more…)

Today I am remembering a dream I had some years ago. At that time, the town where I lived had some city offices in a non-descript building downtown. Fronting the offices there was a long narrow hall that led to two small jail cells in the back of the building. In my dream, I saw myself cowering in the corner of the rearmost cell. In the cell next to me, there was an enormous male lion.


As I surveyed my situation I became aware that the lion’s cell was not only locked but also chained and padlocked. My cell, on the other hand, was unlocked with the door standing several inches ajar. “I’ll just get up and leave,” I thought. However, as I started to move toward the gate, the lion made a most ferocious growl and I quickly slunk back into my corner. “This is ridiculous,” I said, “I am going to leave.” But each time, as I moved from my corner the ruckus next door had me soon changing my mind. This contest went on for the rest of my dream.


What is keeping you in your corner? A roar can’t hurt you and the door is open. Jesus said he came “to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.” (Luke 4:18) In God’s economy, we are the dominant species. It is we who should be roaring and forcing Satan to cower in his corner, not the other way around. In my dream, I had no one to ‘proclaim my freedom.’ I wish I had. Maybe this short re-telling of my dream can encourage you to realize yours. God bless you.


The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Prov. 28:1


Jonas J. Borntreger

© Oct 2007 JJB


In the wilderness of Judea somewhere south of Jerusalem; among the hills, trees, and rocks; God himself, is walking along some obscure path through the forest. Here a twig is snapped from a sapling; there, a rock is overturned, exposing fresh soil; up ahead, the course of the almighty has ventured frequently enough to form some kind of a deer track through the leaves.


Somewhere behind comes Little David. He is running – and panting. “You are pursuing God,” he counsels himself; “look sharp; don’t miss any of the signs; stay alert; don’t succumb to your weariness; all that you desire is ahead of you; make sure that you stay on his track.”


Teach me thy paths;

Thy paths, O Lord.


Jonas J. Borntreger


I’m doing a lot of serious thinking and asking a lot of serious questions of myself. I think it is alright for my readers to think also. That is why some of my posts will ask more questions than provide answers. (more…)

You should not be surprised at my saying, you must be born again. John 3:7 NIV


As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the maker of all things. Ecc. 11:5 NIV


I keep being concerned about creatures walking around among us who are unable to give a personal testimony of the day and the hour, and of the events of their birth. (more…)

TEXT: Matthew 5:38-6:4


Bob, my son-in-law, calls it “the theory of escalation.” Sometimes my children play rough and as each tries to outdo the other, the games just keep getting rougher and rougher. (more…)


The attribute of God that speaks most prominently to me, in the place where I am right now, is His peace. I often find myself chaotic, with actions and attitudes that reflect that chaos. When I consider God, I realize that He never loses ‘His cool.’ He never runs around covering His bases because He was somehow blindsided or because He was sloppy in executing His affairs. He has never gotten behind time: He sent His son ‘in the fullness of time.’


There have often been times when it appears that everything didn’t go according to the original plan of God. Those aberrations are always because of what we do or don’t do, and never because of Him. And yet in each of these situations, if we look close enough we find that in each of our failings, God has already pre-engineered a plan for taking our bumbling and turning it into a greater blessing. Joseph’s brothers meant it for evil; God meant it for good.


My current prayer is: Let the peace of God guard my heart and my mind.


Jonas J. Borntreger


We came upon them in the living room

Where they had made

Their last stand. (more…)

There was a time when my Dad and Albert C. Miller felt that they had a lot of reasons to be in the same car and going to the same places. Usually that car would have been Albert C’s car, which would more than likely have been a big old Hudson. Large V-8 engine, lots of chrome and a ride like a boat. Albert C’s car had only two speeds, fast and faster. While Dad liked being with his buddy, he did not always care for the way he drove.


One day they were once again flying down some country road. Dad gripping the seat with white knuckles, decided that enough was enough, and he probably was due to say something.


“Albert,” Dad said, “Just exactly what would you do if a cow walked out on the road on the other side of this hill?”


Albert C. never flinched. The gas pedal stayed where it had been. “Oh Jakie relax.” Albert replied, “At the rate we are going we’d get there long before the cow.”


Jonas J. Borntreger\ 12/2001



TEXT: Matthew 5:27-37 (more…)

“Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words.” Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady


It’s a complaint I hear frequently; its one I have often voiced myself, “It sure seems hard to hear what God is saying to me.” (more…)

Some time ago, I posted a question asking what responsibilities I had for ministering to the social/physical needs of those who were outside the covenant community of Christ. My question was too obviously vague and the Idea didn’t take. Several days later I deleted it. (more…)

TEXT: Matthew 5:13-26




Without salt, human life cannot be sustained. – Pliny


For two-thousand years, the sole effective ingredient for the preservation of the world’s societies has come through the practice of Christian principles. (more…)

My Dad is a weather prognosticator. He comes from a long line of weather prognosticators and has developed the skill to a high state of the art. What I’m saying is, my Dad’s skill is such that everything means something. (more…)

(Note: My brother and sister-in-law have been working as missionaries in Mexico for more than a quarter of a century. When Esther read my previous memoirs on this site, she suggested my sharing about my first visit to that country. Glad to oblige. JJB)

My Earliest Memory (more…)


TEXT: Matthew 5:1-12