I recently received an e-mail with an attachment warning me about the latest suspect in identifying the “man of sin.”The attachment was nicely prepared and showed that someone had obviously given serious thought to the subject. I thought I needed to give it some heed. At the end of the presentation the author (unknown) suggested going to the internet and verifying his information. I did!

In my sixty-five years I found and lost the Antichrist so many times; I chased him around so many corners and down so many dark alleys. I fear I’ve gotten jaded. I first met the wily guy in my teens; introduced by a book that positively identified him as one of the middle east monarchies of that time. Some time later he masqueraded as “the Beast.” a giant computer in Brussels that was to have information about everyone in the world stored in it. (Come to think of it, information technology has been suspect for some time now.)

So keep your eyes open; do your own research and form your own conclusions, but remember….

We are not told to “watch, for in such a time as ye think not the man of sin comes.” We ARE told to watch for Jesus. He is doing great and glorious things in the earth today. Lets keep our eyes firmly fixed on HIM.

EDIT 11/7/2007 JJB


I had no idea when I posted this message that it would be so popular. Since that time, there have been a steady stream of web searches made that have led to this site. There are very few days when there are no new visitors and frequently three or more.

I’m assuming that many of you who visit here go away disappointed. I don’t like to disappoint but I also have no intent to stoop to the sensationalism and fear mongering that I often see on various websites that come up when the keywords on this post are searched. So what is it that you REALLY CAME HERE TO SEE?

I hope you will stick around this blog site and discover things that will create love for the Lord, drive away fear, and encourage you to walk humbly with your God. JJB

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